User Experiences that differentiate

Market Intelligence
Market Intelligence
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Market Research
  • Assessment & Strategy
  • User Research
  • Information Architecture
  • User Cases and Key Workflows
Product Requirements
User Experience Design
User Experience Design
  • Experience Mapping
  • Workflow Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Visual Design
  • Application Development
  • Testing & Support
  • APIs and Integration

Exceptional User Experiences


Designs that provide a strategic edge over
your competition

Simplify Complexity

Improved efficiency for novice and experienced users


Complete complex tasks with ease

Simple to Understand

Natural work-flows that enable users to quickly make use of the product


Enhanced value proposition and clear market

Lower TCO

Higher ROI with lower solution configuration,
administration and training costs

Intuitive Navigation

Understandable designs with seamless transitions from
one task to the next

Information Modelling

Intuitive data relationships and readily actionable
information of interest

Customers Say

The designs are forward thinking, powerful and the end users really like them

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    Advancing Healthcare Staffing

    A healthcare staffing solution provider that is revolutionizing the way recruiting agencies, hospitals and clinicians connect engaged Ogee Studio to create a design that would enhance their solution value proposition. Ogee Studio streamlined navigation and improved the workflow to reduce the sales and recruitment costs of their customers and the resulting design offered a seamless experience across desktop and smartphones.

    Advancing Healthcare Staffing
    Next Generation Network Visibility
    Next Generation Network Visibility

    A world-wide networking performance management leader turned to Ogee Studio to create an end-user experience which allowed customers to see what others cannot. A unified user experience that seamlessly integrated management of their packet flow switch product line and provides enhanced network application traffic visibility across their entire family of products. The modern centralized management solution now forms the foundation of their next generation enterprise application and network management user experience.

    Next Generation Prescription Benefits

    An innovative startup aiming to redefine prescription benefits for employers and health plans enlisted Ogee Studio to help them define a modern consumer experience to make medications more accessible, affordable and personal to consumers. Ogee Studio designed a simple easy to use mobile application which gives employers complete transparency and control over their prescription plan benefit performance as well as empowers employees and family members to easily enroll, compare pricing, take advantage of special offers and authorize purchases.

    Next Generation Prescription Benefits
    Advancing Healthcare Staffing
    Advanced Threat Detection
    Advanced Threat Detection​

    A leader in machine learning with over a decade of experience applying AI to cyber threat detection needed a design partner with a comprehensive understanding of how cybersecurity professionals detect and address threats. Ogee Studio focused on enabling customers to better deal with current and future cybersecurity challenges. Next generation designs enhanced visibility to threats, reduced overall complexity and shortened the investigation cycle enabling their clients to more efficiently deal with the volume, velocity and polymorphic nature of threats.

    Digital Transformation

    A market innovator of next generation intelligent vending solutions called upon Ogee Studio to deliver a superior smart vending machine experience for end-users and operators alike. Ogee Studio designs power the state of the art end-to-end offering. An intuitive mobile application allows end customers to receive personalized offers, select items with ease and make secure payments. A comprehensive suite of web and mobile applications provides simplified inventory management, monitoring and route management for operators and field personnel.

    Digital Transformation
    Digital Transformation

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